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18 September 2023

United States Patent and Trade Mark Office to grant FlexQubes patent application for its innovative Navigator AMR system

FlexQube has received an Issue Notification from the U.S. Patent and Trade Mark Office regarding its innovative Navigator AMR system (” Autonomous Mobile Robot”). The patent will issue Oct. 3 2023. The issued patent will be valid until 2041.

The patent is part of FlexQube’s continuous strategy to protect its developed technologies, and corresponding patent is already granted in EU/EES and United Kingdom. Corresponding patent applications is also being evaluated by patent offices in Mexico, South Korea, Japan, China, Canada, and India.

The VP Products of FlexQube, Linn Bladlund, comments:

“This is very good news for FlexQube, because the patent will protect our innovative AMR system in the United States, which is FlexQubes main market with 55 % of the total sales in 2022.

The AMR system, that has been developed over the past three years, includes a “non load carrying” autonomous robot, the FlexQube Navigator, and motorized carts designed with FlexQube’s patented building block system. The patent refers to the technology of lifting the AMR from the ground while it is coupled to a motorized FlexQube cart, enabled by a smart coupling interface, creating a combined AMR system.

The smart and standardized coupling interface between the AMR and the motorized cart, including lifting the AMR from the ground, gives outstanding levels of safety and flexibility that enables only one standardized AMR to transport carts with a large variation in size, shape and payload capacity. This gives companies, with a great need to move carts with different size and shape, unique opportunities to implement automated material handling in a safe and efficient way. The standardized coupling also adds the opportunity for FlexQube to increase sales and generate recurring license revenues, by establishing partnerships with companies that want to develop user case specific applications that are compatible with the FlexQube Navigator.

At the moment, the AMR system is used at one of the world’s largest car manufacturers, who conduct a pilot with the patented technology, and the order book for the product has recently opened.”

The global market for automated material handling robots was valued at approximately 2 billion USD in 2022, and is projected to reach approximately 10 billion USD by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 17.9 percent (https://www.agvnetwork.com/amr-market-size).

The grant is evidence that the modular strategy of FlexQube is very innovative on a market that is expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

About FlexQube

FlexQube is a technology company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden with subsidiaries in USA, Mexico, Germany and England. FlexQube offers solutions for cart-based material handling using a patented modular concept. FlexQube develops and designs customized solutions for both robotic and mechanical cart logistics. Through the own developed and unique automation concept FlexQube can offer robust and self-driving robotic carts. FlexQube has more than 900 customers in 36 countries with primary markets being North America and Europe.

FlexQube’s customers can be found within the manufacturing industry, distribution- and warehousing. We represent some of the most successful companies in the world with a significant share being represented on the Fortune 500 list. These companies exist within automotive, electric vehicle manufacturing, online retail, heavy-duty trucks, industrial automation and retail logistics.

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