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28 March 2022

FlexQube to showcase eQart® Navigator at MODEX in Atlanta USA

FlexQube development roadmap is aligned with a motorized cart vision, and the next step towards this vision is the development of the eQart® Navigator Robot.  The eQart® Navigator is a “non-load carrying” AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) that navigates motorized carts. At MODEX in Atlanta between March 28th and March 31st FlexQube will demonstrate the robot in public for the first time.

FlexQube CEO Anders Fogelberg comments; “The concept is mitigating many of the challenges related to automation within manufacturing. The eQart® Navigator is a non-load carrying AMR equipped with safety sensors, navigation intelligence and battery system that can dock with motorized cart through a standardized interface that transfers power and data to the motors, in order to navigate it. FlexQube has applied for patents that will include the system and the interface between the eQart® Navigator and the motorized carts.

FlexQube has created a standardized interface between the eQart® Navigator and the carts to create the highest flexibility. The docking is not related to any lifting or driving under the cart, enabling the eQart® Navigator to move motorized carts of different size and shape. 

The eQart® Navigator eco-system enables a high degree of flexibility for the customers.  The eco-system consists of three levels:

  1. The eQart® Navigator level – standardized AMR unit to navigate motorized carts
  2. The Attachment level – motorized cart configured to carry specific material for a user case inside the plant or the warehouse
  3. The Material level – the material that needs to be transported between two locations in the plant or the warehouse

The eQart® Navigator is a standardized AMR and is not customized for the user case. This enables long term flexibility and that the equipment can be re-used even when the user case is changing. 

The motorized carts are custom configured for the material to move.  Over time when the need is changing, the attachment can be re-configured for the new material, and still be moved with the navigator thanks to the standardized interface.

During the spring FlexQube will perform the first on site pilot project, together with a major automotive company.

The focus market for the eQart® Navigator is within manufacturing because there is a gap in the required solutions and what is available on the automation market today, which is developed with warehousing in mind. Many companies have automation high up on the agenda, but the implementation of robots in factory logistics is just in the beginning, and there are unique challenges related to manufacturing.”

About FlexQube

FlexQube is a technology company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden with subsidiaries in USA, Mexico, Germany and England. FlexQube offers solutions for cart-based material handling using a patented modular concept. FlexQube develops and designs customized solutions for both robotic and mechanical cart logistics. Through the own developed and unique automation concept FlexQube can offer robust and self-driving robotic carts. FlexQube has more than 850 customers in 35 countries with primary markets being North America and Europe.

FlexQube’s customers can be found within the manufacturing industry, distribution- and warehousing. We represent some of the most successful companies in the world with a significant share being represented on the Fortune 500 list. These companies exist within automotive, electric vehicle manufacturing, online retail, heavy-duty trucks, industrial automation and retail logistics.

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The share (FLEXQ) is traded on Nasdaq First North. FNCA Sweden AB, telephone +46 8-528 00 399, is the Company's Certified Adviser. Read more at www.flexqube.com